The culture of the Club is :-
Just because you are over 50 does not mean you are a write off.

Many people carry on working for many years after their retirement.

We encourage members to discuss their ideas or hobbies so we can help them develop a plan and if possible give them the tools to develop their ideas.

The Over 50 Skill Swap and Social Club is a meeting of people over 50 who have a wealth of work experience, knowledge and a diverse range of skills which they willingly pass on to others.

The “Over 50 Skill Swap and Social” Club is run by the Members, is FREE to join and costs only £1 per week to attend which covers the cost of tea or coffee.

This is the Club for YOU if you wish to:

Help others, pass on your knowledge to others, learn new skills.

By attending meetings, listening to speakers and watching presentations you can develop your existing skill set.

Meet interesting new people over 50, whilst making friends and having fun.

We plan to hold a varied selection of activities driven by the members so that everyone gets something out of it.

If you wish to get back to work we will try to help you with your endeavour.

As our Club name implies we are a combined Skill Swap and Social Club so all members can share their experience, knowledge and skills.

Weekly Meeting

The Over 50 Skill Swap and Social Club hold weekly meetings

The Club Venue is

The Hub on the High Street, 31-33 High Street, Crawley, RH10 1BQ

Meetings every Thursday 10:30 to 12:30

Their Facebook page is @thehubonthehighstreet


The Over 50 Skill Swap & Social Club meet every Thursday 10:30 to 12:30 at “The Hub on the High Street“, 31-33 High Street, Crawley, RH10 1BQ.

The Over 50 Skill Swap and Social Club aims to meet weekly and help the over 50’s to socialise and learn new skills. Those wishing to get back into the work place will be encouraged and given tips on how to achieve it.

The Over 50 Skill Swap and Social Club is based in Crawley.  Visitors are welcome to come along to our weekly meetings.

The founder members were previously involved in a similar organisation.

History has shown that being part of a club like this benefits all Members.  The first time new members attend they are initially very timid, within a couple of weeks, they are talking with other members and after a month, they are taking a full and active part in their club.

History has also shown that on some members of similar organisations have regained their self-confidence so much that they have plucked up their courage, applied for jobs and been employed. Those members still come back to attend their Clubs whenever time permits.

The Founder members of the Club have an average of 45 Years business experience, so we are very lucky to have on tap between 450 and 500 years of that business and life experience at any meeting that we will be holding.

This business experience is wide spread and includes Secretary/PA, Administrator, Butcher, Customer Service, Engineer (Aircraft, Computer/IT, Mechanical, Motor Trade & Railway), HR, Newsagent, Printer, Project Management, and Royal Marines.

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The Over 50 Skill Swap and Social Club is run by the Members

The Members have selected a Committee who are responsible for the weekly running of the Club.

Sue Edmunds (Finance & Secretarial)

David Maynard

Geoff Williamson (Communications & Events)

Olga Kolda

Vincent Kolda

All Members of the Committee take it in turns to run the Club

Primary Contact Details

Phone: 01293-894444

eMail:  info@over50skillswap.co.uk

Meeting Venue:
The Hub on the High Street” 31-33 High Street Crawley, RH10 1BQ Thursdays 10:30 to 12:30

Mail: c/o 4 Greyhound Slip, Worth, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 7FP

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